As a kid, my favorite number was 35. As such, Frank Pastore became my favorite player on the Cincinnati Reds. I even got a #35 Reds jersey customized with my last name on the back. (In fact, I still have that jersey from the early '80s and my younger son wore it for Halloween last year.)

Frank provided one of my best childhood memories. During Spring Training in Tampa back in 1982 or '83, I attended the annual "Meet the Reds" banquet hosted by the Red Rooters Club. I was only 11 or 12 at the time and back then, all the players and coaches attended this event, so this was the highlight of the week for me each year.

Not only did Frank sit at my table for dinner, but later that night, he called my dad back in Cincinnati (he couldn't make the trip) from a hotel pay phone and demanded a raise in my allowance. To this day, my dad still talks about getting that phone call from Frank Pastore.

Thanks for the memory, Frank. I wish I'd had the chance to sit with you again when I was a little older so we could have enjoyed a cold one together.