After the Votto and Phillips extensions, many of us chalked up the increased revenue from a new TV contract as the reason. We can expect an announcement to be made during the regular season this year. The way I see it, there are probably a few options for the Reds.

1. Re-up with FS Ohio

2. SportsTime Ohio.
STO was recently purchased by Fox and they may look to consolidate FS Ohio and STO under one network. They could create a second feed (STO2) much like MASN has done in Baltimore/Washington that has the Reds and Indians. Additionally, there are plenty of other options for content year-round: HS Football, Cyclones/Lake Erie Monsters, UC/XU basketball, MAC basketball, and minor league baseball.

3. Create their own network.
About 8 months ago, the Business Courier reported the Reds and Pacers had been in talks to start a network that would be jointly owned by the two franchises. It would likely house MiLB games, the Cyclones and either/or UC and Xavier.

4. Sign a deal with the newly created Time Warner Sports Net

What are everyone's thoughts?