Anil V. George, the attorney who typically handles the trademarks involving NBA brand names, filed trademarks on five new potential franchise names on behalf of the New Orleans Hornets NBA Limited Partnership...

The trademarks:

New Orleans Pelicans
New Orleans Rougarou
New Orleans Mosquitos
New Orleans Swamp Dogs
New Orleans Bullsharks
Now, I'm far from an informed NBA fan. I frequently teach at the school where O.J. Mayo graduated, and only today discovered that he plays for the Mavs now. Still, even I see some big problems here.

Particularly with the name "Mosquitos". There might not be anything wrong with it generically, but if you go from "Hornets" to "Mosquitos" (or, if you want to spell it correctly, "Mosquitoes") that can be absolutely nothing but a demotion.