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Of course, all I suggested was that Hanigan does not have indisputable baseball knowledge.

Apparently you have a thing for him. It seems very weird how narrow minded you are on this particular issue. It's as if out of nowhere, you have made Ryan Hanigan the meta of baseball knowledge. He seems very intelligent and knowledgeable, but at the same time, I am dumbfounded that after reading literally one article about his baseball acumen, that you are throwing out snide remarks simply at those who could even consider a different side of the argument.
Listen, I'm not saying Ryan Hanigan knows everything about baseball. But let's say when it comes to the topic of whether Sean Marshall would make a good closer, I consider Hanigan a foremost authority. It doesn't make him a baseball historian, but it does probably make him know more than anyone on RedsZone about this particular topic. Especially when he gives detailed reasons why he feels that way. He talks about how good of a pitcher Marshall is and goes out of his way to talk about how nasty Marshall's stuff is. Calls him underrated. Then explains why he wouldn't make a good closer.

No one is acting like Ryan Hanigan knows everything about baseball. Just that he knows quite a bit. Also, he has inside knowledge that we couldn't even comprehend when it comes to the Reds' pitching staff. So, when he talks about a topic about "Would Marshall Make A Good Closer?" I'm listening (and likely agreeing). If you feel differently, that's fair enough. But don't act like it's "weird" that I think Hanigan is an extremely bright baseball mind and an absolute expert when it comes to discussing the Reds' pitching staff.