The Yankees signing Youk has my cousin, who is a Yankees fan, threatening to jump off the deep end, saying he's done as a Yankees fan, Youk is the one guy he could never root for, he can't believe his team would do this to him, yada yada yada.

I'm not sure EVERY Yankees fan shares his level of disdain for this move, but needless to say, he's sickened.

And it got me to thinking: is there one player you could just not stand to see in a Reds uniform? Now, this doesn't just have to be present. How about all-time? Is there a player, or players, past or present that would literally make you throw up if you had to watch them in a Reds uniform?

A few guys come to my mind: present day, Chris Carpenter. He's a great pitcher, and a hell of a competitor. But I couldn't stand to root for him after all that's transpired.

Other guys: Nyjer Morgan, Bill Hall, Chipper Jones (I respect his greatness now. As a young teen, I hated him and the Braves with a passion), Bobby Valentine as a manager (because he broke my 14 year old heart in 1999), and last, but not least, Gerald Laird. Why not Yadier, you say? At least the dude can play. Laird was a fat tub of lard yelling from the bench when he played about every 20th game.

Thoughts? Anyone you'd like to add?