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Forget the "Walt can do no wrong" remark Doug. I'm interested how you would evaluate his tenure here on an overall basis. You loved the Latos deal, hated the Rolen deal...just looking for your general view of things.
He has been a good GM. I think most GM's could have come into the situation he did and done well. The farm system was stocked and the guys in place who were running the show were also in place (on the farm). Most of his moves of note are all benefit to that (the trades he made were of the plentiful farm system). I am sure that some guys would have made a better move here or there or a worse one here or there. Still think he overpaid for Rolen and I will never be convinced otherwise because of how the situation in Toronto played out with Rolen forcing a trade to a specific part of the country where only one team in that part of the country could have used him and the Reds gave up a strong chip, albeit one that hasn't turned out as well as the Reds or slew of other teams to have acquired him have hoped. Still love the Latos deal beyond belief and if his arm falls off tomorrow in a strange deer hunting fishing accident from a helicopter, it was still a great move. He has steered a very strong ship in the right direction most of the time. You can't ask for much more than that. No ship captain takes a direct line from start to finish, but his line has been with a few bumps rather than a lot of bumps.