I've always been curious. As someone who is young, and, god willing, and has there whole life in front of them, I am always curious about older people and how they handle death.

When your 60, 70, 80..knowing death is soon approaching..that everything you love, your favorite foods, your favorite movies and shows, you favorite hobbies (like following the reds), you favorite loves in life (like your children, grandchildren, friends and whatnot) are all about to disappear within any minute, within any year (due to oldness and the poor health it brings)...how do you guys deal with that?

It makes me afraid...as someone who works part time in a nursing home, I see alot of older people who are in there 70's, 80's and 90's and I just imagine how scared I would be..knowing there's no future, knowing there's nothing else to look forward to, knowing my favorite loves will soon disappear like yesterday's morning mist. Every day, could potentially be the last, and some just sit there, quietly still, looking through windows like little cats. They appear like a rotting flower during winter. There body cripples, there exterior yellows, and seemingly crumbles to dust.

But I guess, my main question is..Older people..in there 60's, 70s, 80's, etc..How do you look at the future..how do you look at death? I know some are religious, but that feeling of knowing that death is approaching so ever nearer? That everything is on the brim of being over? Is it a spiritual nirvana of some sort? But, what if there isn't a god, what if there is no heaven, what if the end is truly the end? What if we just go back to the beginning, when we knew nothing of our creation and didn't exisist...is there no trembling fear of yes, this person who i lived in this body of mine for so long, will disappear, and so will all my adventures of life will dissapear with it...

Or is there a fear, that the thing that you run away from all your life (our body wants to stay alive, we fear death, it's a natural human emotion) will be something you have to face no matter what?

It makes me relish my youth more so I guess in some ways..

But I can't imagine how seniors live there life...how depressing it must be..how frightening it must be...i know everything that begins must end, but how do you come with the the grim reality, of yes, this life, this earth that I live on, these family and friends who i enjoy my company with, these foods that i treasure to eat, these earthly pleasures that i enjoy like sex, and smoking, and drinking alchol is gone, knowing that your favorite hobbies like writing short stories, or painting, or enjoying the beautiful nature of earth, or following sports, is truly, truly coming to it's end?

How do you deal with that? How do you come to accept that, yes, i'm old, and yes the future is quickly fading , and death is quickly approaching.. I just, can't fathom how you can live life the same way you did when you were 30 or 40 or even 50...your approach to life must become different no? Knowing that every year could be potentially your last?