I love that Sam LeCure has a healthy respect for the history of this organization but seems to be like many of us who have been fans for nearly 40 years is tired of hearing about TBR...time for a new day, new heroes and another championship.

MLB.com: Do you have a holiday wish for Reds fans? What kind of collective gift would you get them for the holidays?

LeCure: I would say the holidays are about hope. You always want to give hope. I think everybody sees that the organization is moving in the right direction and signing the core guys to be here and have sustained success. I am so tired of, "Oh well, next year we'll get them." And while I totally respect and appreciate the Big Red Machine, we need to get on board with this group. I don't want to call it the New Red Machine, either. I want it to become its own thing. I want us to be like that team, for sure, but I'm tired of hearing about the past and next year. The time is now. From the radio interviews I've done, I hear that last year was awesome and next year is the year. Next year, I don't want to say, "Next year is the year." I want to say, "This year was the year."