....to WIN the World Series? We've added Choo, Hannahan, and Donald, kept Broxton and Ludwick, traded away Stubbs, lost Navarro, Valdez, Bray, & Cairo to free agency, and might have Rolen back. The addition of Choo should improve our top of the lineup considerably over the revolving door we had there last season. But the other new acquisitions are question marks at best. Hannahan hit in the .240 range. Donald hit just above the Mendoza line at about .202.
Doesn't sound to me that these bench players are much of an upgrade over what we had last season.
I just keep asking myself if we can Win a World Series with our offense the way it is. Except for Choo in for Stubbs, we have the same lineup as last year. We had serious stretches where we couldn't score at all last year. The last month and the playoffs should be proof of that. Will Votto come back as Votto? Who knows. What about Mesoraco? He had a miserable time at the plate last year. Right now I would rate us anywhere from #6 to #9 in team power rankings. We are not there with the Nats, Angels, Dodgers, Blue Jays, etc. I think we need another bat in the lineup. Your thoughts?