So a few weeks ago I had a long conversation with a current Big Leaguer who just came back from the States after the season ended for them in much the same way as it did for the Reds. We talked about personal stuff as we have many mutual friends and then then it turned to baseball as it was always gonna happen.

Anyways the insight he gave at times was brilliant and also jaw dropping as I felt like to Jose Canseco at times. This guy has bounced around from the majors after a few arm injuries in his career and even resurrected his career overseas to get a shot again.

The disturbing part of the convo was when I asked if Melky Cabera was going to get treated any differently now that he got caught cheating. The response I got was a flat out NO. The player said he estimates 80% are doing what he does and that he just had some bad luck. He says you literally you have to be tested within 24 hours to be caught doing what he did and it's so easy not to get caught because of this.

Well I still think he is great guy but definently believe he is cheating after speaking with him even tho he never said. I know it's on guys opinion but he made a very strong case about it and if it's as easy as he says then there is still a problem in baseball.

By the way he says Johnny Gomes is as awesome I thought