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I really don't fall on any particular side regarding Paul, although I agree with you that I wouldn't have Xavier Paul hold us back from necessarily bringing Rolen back.

That said, is there some particular injury that Paul had that would still present itself when spring training is over? As much as folks suggest that there are phantom DL injuries galore, I really don't believe it's that prevalent and they can't be made out of whole cloth - there have to be a medical basis for it. Is there some injury I'm forgetting?
Simply tell him that you want to expand the roster beyond the 25 man restriction. He gets Major League money and Major League service time towards his pension and some ABs on a rehab in Louisville with a chance when a real injury happens down the road. If the alternative is DFA and the hope that some team that just cut down finds room for a 28 year old who has never been able to stick in the majors, I'm pretty sure he won't mind saying his side hurts or that he twisted his back during ST.