Well first off Happy (Almost) New Year! I just wanted to say it was awesome to have a Minor League Baseball team here in Pensacola. I very much enjoyed it and can't wait for more. The Reds have some great potential. Without further adieu, here are some pictures I took during the 2012 Blue Wahoos season.

Walking up to the stadium for the first time-

The awesome video scoreboard (I took this at one of the first Wahoos' practices the day before the first game)-

Warming up at practice-

Warming up-

Warming up-

Brian Peacock talking about his walk-off bunt the night before (This was the 3rd Wahoos game of the first season)-

The Wahoos lineup for the third game of the season (Including Mike Costanzo, the first Wahoo to make the Majors)-

Mike Costanzo on 1st, Tim Crabbe on the mound and Brodie Greene on second-

The Cold Zone-

Mike Costanzo-

Visiting the mound-

Fan favorite Donnie Joseph (aka DJ40) warming up-

Reds legend Eric Davis-

Me with Eric Davis (Very cool, funny and nice man!)-

Warming up (That's Koyie Hill catching)-

The interns messing with Kazoo-

Looks like the joke is on the interns! -

To quote my buddy Wahoos' PA announcer Josh Gay "Joel Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzman!"-

National Anthem time (That's Eric Davis in the red)-

"Wasted away again in Margaritaville..."-

Me with Florida Governor Rick Scott (He was in town to catch a game)-

Mr. James, one of my favorite employees out at the stadium. He's very funny and polite, class act! -

I remember this night, Wahoos made an out and ended the inning but something happened and the umps reversed the play and the Wahoos had to come back out redo the at-bat. Riggleman was pissed! (That's him in the right hand corner arguing)-

Mr. James again-

The post-game fireworks were always great-

I think this was Lotzkar's first day in town-

2012 Masters' Champion and Pensacola native Bubba Watson -

Watching Bubba speak-

Brodie Greene and Jim Riggleman-

Warming up-

This is the 1980 World Series ring belonging to former Major League pitcher and Pensacola native Kevin Saucier (He also went to my high school back in the 70's). He's a Minor League scout now and he was out at a couple Wahoos games. I got to chat with him briefly and he let me snap a photo of his awesome ring! -

Mississippi Braves manager Aaron Holbert and Wahoos manager Jim Riggleman-

Chris Manno on the mound-

Can't remember who this was but he had a no-hitter going for about six innings (It was broken up though)-

A rainy night out at the Wahoos' park-

One of the best Southern League coaching staffs the Baybears' Turner Ward and Jay Bell (Both will have Major League jobs next year)-

Me with Jay Bell-

Outside the stadium-

Outside the stadium-

Me with Wahoos' speedster Billy Hamilton-

One night the place was pretty empty (Towards the end of summer). One section was completely empty! -

The Wahoos beer "Ono" (Ono is Hawaiian for Wahoo and also the name was inspired by Daniel Corcino's no-hitter) -

Signs around the stadium-

The last game:

The entire team holding a banner-

Me with my buddy Ryan "Maverick" Whited who was the on-field entertainer for the 2012 Wahoos season-

My friend Renee who is a home plate usher let me sit in a vacant seat on the bottom row right behind home plate for the last inning of the last game. I was able to catch this shot of Juan Perez in the final at-bat of the season-

And last but not least, my best photo of the season I took right after the previous one of the great Billy Hamilton on-deck-

Hope you all enjoyed! I can't wait for another great season!