....but the Astros are??


Were playing the Angels

Interleague Opening Game

Storylines of Pujols and Josh returning to Cincinnati

Possible World Series preview.

and ESPN says meh...gimme the Astros.

ESPN announced today the games for their Opening Day marathon along with their opening Sunday night game the day prior.

Astros-Rangers on Sunday Night.

Monday opens with

Yankees-Red Sox (Imagine that)
Cards-D Backs

Not a bad quartet of games mind you and its probably a big deal to most of us who will either be in attendance, or watching on FOX Ohio and Extra Innings, but just came across to me as strange.

Especially when I read somewhere on here that Opening Day is scheduled for 4pm, thought that pretty much let the cat out of the bag that it would be on national television...guess not.

Oh well...can opening day just go ahead and get here.