The NL Central was tightening up between the Cardinals and the Reds when Mesoraco was in the thick of a bad, bad slump. And in the woodwork we were contending for the best record in the NL. I saw it as a no-brainer that when the rookie catcher served his suspension (agree with it or not) that he needed some extra time off. He and the team had equal needs for it, and I believe that Navarro filled that void very efficiently and to the best of any 3rd-string cather's ability. Do not disregard the pedistal that Hanigan has been rightfully placed upon as well. As of now he is critical to the team's success.

Mesoraco should get just as much rope if not more than what he got last season. While most players, especially the young ones, are getting extra batting practice in, Mes is most likely watching film and taking notes on his opponents. Catcher is a big responsibility especially for a young guy.

That .212 BA did include a Grand Salami in 2012