With Chapman making his switch to starting this season and no doubt under some sort of an innings count, it got me thinking of a way to manage our last two spots between Arroyo, Leake and Chapman. My thought is to rotate them so a different set of two are the 4th and 5th starters for any given time. This would give each guy 2 starts in 3 oppertunities. So if we are blessed with a year like last where the pitchers stayed healthy each guy would get two thirds of the possible starts. This should keep Chapman within a innings limit while keeping him active the whole season avoiding a Strasburg type end of year shutdown. It also keeps Leake active and getting meaningful starts along with Arroyo. This way if Arroyo is let go once his contract runs out we will know difinitavley if Champman and Leake can be starters moving forward.