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Im still hoping that Jockety smartens up and keeps chapman in the pen. He will effect ALOT more games as a closer than he would as a starter. Not to mention he keeps Butts in seats all the way until the 9th inning. It seems to me all the baseball players would rather keep him in the pen and its the fans and front office who want to move him.
If they do move him to starter I hope its towards the end of the season so he doesnt throw too many innings and hurt his arm or get shut down. And him only having 1 reliable pitch doesnt help the situation either
How could he "effect" so much more when Mike Leake pitched 100 more innings than Aroldis last year? Having your best players on the field as much as possible is fairly obvious, even if he technically appears in less games. A TOR start is much more valuable than a great closer.