In past years, a few here have taken the test. I was wondering what people thought about this year's version.

I passed the test a few years ago, but couldn't make the audition because it was the same day as my capstone presentation for my Master's. This year, I did far better on the test than I ever have before. It wasn't just that I thought I knew most of the answers; I was certain of them. Checking up on questions I wasn't sure of, I've only found four I missed. One was because I kept switching back and forth between Egypt and Tunisia, and had nothing written when time expired, and one was because I typed Chantel instead of Chanel (in that case, I had no idea of the answer consciously, so I must have known subconsciously in order to get it that close.)

So, if others have taken the test, did you think it was easier than usual, or did I just hit the right categories this time?