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Piazza is also getting dinged for that weenie arm of his, the fact that he was a below average catcher defensively and had horrible hair.

Was he a PED user? i know what i think, but i also know i don't care. He had to compete against pitchers using PED's, peers using them and if he was a user, they didn't help that much towards the end of his career.

I kinda like Biggio. maybe next year.

I've always waffled on the first ballot HOF argument. I agree with the notion of either you are or you aren't, but at the same time 1st ballot always seemed reserved for the elite of the elite. KGJ in my mind is a 1st ballot guy. Biggio is not. But i think he gets in. 3000 hit will do that for a guy not named Palmeiro.
Biggio doesn't strike me as a first ballot guy either. He'll be in soon enough.