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For those who somehow-someway are in denial over PEDS...

"I think it's kind of unfair, but it's the reality of the era we played in," Biggio said. "Obviously, some guys are guilty and other guys aren't. It's painful for the ones that weren't, and hopefully this situation will all pass and move on and we'll have something possibly good to talk about maybe next year."

Please do not act like it did not happen. Please do not act like many players would take something that is all BS in helping them (LOL). Please do not act like all those 60+ HR seasons were not relative to PEDs. Oh yea, probably just a coincidence and related all to a juiced ball. Please do not act like places like BALCO were not in existence and did not have a line of athletes wanting their products. I guess Lance Arnstrong's blood tranfusions were health related and not relative to hiding something that made him a 7-time Tour de Franace champion too.

We all have our opinions, but the denial thing (that it does not matter or help) just amazes me.
They sold us the "small park/juiced ball" argument back in the day and most of us bought it then. (I did, for a while too).
Heck, when I starting coming to Redszone (circa 2004), a good chunk of posters were PED-deniers. Some have come around, but then only to become PED-justifiers.
We also have those who claim the era is "over" despite seeing the 2011 MVP caught (which some ALSO deny) and even the all-star MVP from this year caught and suspended.

Fool me once...
C'mon, wake up people.