What's the one deal you wish the Reds would have made that they never did?

We all have wishes in the back of our brain that a genie probably couldn't even grant us, but that's part of the fun of baseball.

Is there a guy you've wanted or still want that you feel would've put this team over the top? Is there a guy that you thought was the missing piece, that the team just whiffed on?

Try to keep it within reason... clearly it would've been impossible to acquire a Bonds or likewise name in his prime.

The one guy I'm really pining for that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt we won't get: Giancarlo Stanton. With his power, sandwiches in between Votto and Bruce, and his relative cheapness over the next several years... WOW.

I'd be particularly interested to hear from some of the older crowd. Sorry, not older... how about we'll just go with the one's that have been fans longer . Any guy you wanted this team to get in the 80s or 90s that you felt could've launched us to another level, and we just never made the move?

ps Sometimes we DO get what we want (the Griffey trade), and it's an epic catastrophe. So it's not always a bad thing that we don't get all of our wishes I suppose lol.