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What's wrong with more guys LOB?

Men LOB is a natural extension of having a lot of guys get on base. I'd even wager that men LOB correlates pretty highly with run scoring. If you lead the league in men LOB, odds are you also had a boatload of baserunners and were among the league leaders in runs scored as well.
Nothing is worng with more guys on base, I'm just saying I'd rather have Votto hitting with a runner on first than some one else with that Runner stealing second and Votto walking. I think the Reds chances of scoring a run are better with Votto hitting. I think the chances of a 3 run homer are better with Votto walking, but, IMO, there is a lot more chance of getting nothng as well. The drop-off from Votto to anybody else is huge IMO.

You also need to factor in the runner getting thrown out or picked-off and now Votto comes up with nobody on and two outs. I don't risk making the out in front of Votto.