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Just like they might need to adjust the 50% mark, I think they need to get rid of getting a certain percentage to stay on the ballot. With modern metrics, obviously some guys have been overlooked traditionally (Ken Boyer is a good example of this). Bobby Grich is a perfect example of a guy who was off the ballot either the first or second year because of the minimum threshold rule. If you look at his numbers, he compares favorably with a lot of 2B considered to be the best of the best. He was brilliant at defense at 2B and so often that is overlooked in this discussion unless a player changes the game with his defense like Ozzie Smith, Roberto Clemente, or Brooks Robinson.
I absolutely agree with this.
Another second baseman who should have remained on the ballot longer is Lou Whitaker. I haven't come to a firm decision as to whether or not he should be in the Hall of Fame, probably in part because he "never seemed like a Hall of Famer" to me while he was playing (and I hate that cliche of a test). However Whitaker's numbers are comparable to teammate Alan Trammell and I definitely believe Trammell should be in the HOF. I give Trammell a few "extra points" because he played the more important position and because he had a MVP worthy season in 1987, the year the MVP should have gone to a shortstop in each league (Trammell and Smith) but instead went to a couple of HR hitting outfielders (Bell and Dawson).
As for Jack Morris, should he never be inducted that will not upset me, as he is borderline, and should he be inducted, then he will not be the worst selection ever.
The 1984 Tigers were a great team but for now they remain one of the few world championship teams not to have a player in the HOF. Ignoring World Series winners over the last 20 years or so, because it is still early for players on those teams, the 1984 Tigers and the 1981 and 1988 Dodgers stand out as teams with no player in the HOF or a player who will obviously be inducted (they do have managers in the HOF).