I stumbled upon this story today by a tweet from Scott Van Pelt, linking to this student's twitter account of @thrill21. I could have sworn that was the twitter account of our very own cinreds21.... Can someone confirm this?

In fact, the kid himself shot a first-person YouTube video of him being pushed onto the floor. It starts out awesome, and ends up terrifying:

USA Today's Nicole Auerbach tracked down the man himself. His name is Will Privette, a Zebulon, N.C. native and senior at NC State. He was pushed onto the floor by student body president Andy Walsh, and it wasn't his first time; he rushed the court when the Pack beat Duke in 2010, too, but "that time I waited for the first wave of people to go through so I wouldn't get crushed," he said. (Some have criticized Walsh for pushing Privette on the floor, but Privette has been quick to shoot such criticism down.)