In what is not protected material from Baseball America, it is interesting to see that their 2016 lineup has the Choo in LF with Hamilton in CF. I think they are a little off to me to have 1. Cueto 2. Chapman 3. Latos 4. Stephenson 5. Bailey with Corcino as the closer. IF Latos is still here, I would bet he would be #1.

Imagine that lineup though:
1. Hamilton
2. Choo
3. Votto
4. Bruce
5. Mesoraco
6. B.P.
7. Frazier
8. Cozart

I know, too many lefties in a row, but can't see B.P. hitting much higher 4 years from now. Also would guess that somebody else might supplant Frazier at 3B.