I think one of the keys to the medium term future is successfully pulling off a Tampa Bay type trade in which we unload one of our top of the rotation starters before they get crazy expensive for a good package of prospects that cheaply fill some position player holes with good young talent.

I don't see the Reds being able to pay big money to Cueto, Bailey, Latos and Chapman in 2016. Ideally, they could get 3 of the 4 extended relatively long term and trade the other for a nice package of prospects.

Much will depend upon how many of the Stephenson, Corcino, Cingrani, and Travieso group pan out as MLB starters and if any of them is a TOR guy. If one of the group is a high quality starter and one of the group ends up a decent middle of the rotation type, the Reds will be in great shape. They would then have the ability to retain a high quality group of starters while staying within budget constraints and also have the opportunity to replenish the prospect ranks in exchange for one of the young veterans.