In July, we posed a question to the site asking for feedback on potentially merging the Old Red Guard with the Sun Deck into one baseball forum. After considerable discussion within each forum’s thread, with the moderator staff, and between the administrators, we have decided to proceed with this merger.

Members who have been registered for 45 days and have a minimum of 50 posts will automatically be moved to the ORG (Game Thread posts will not count toward this tally). The Sun Deck will remain as an introductory forum for new members, and ORG members will have posting access as well; however, they will not be able to start new threads. This format is intended for new members to get their bearings (and allow the opportunity for ORG members to interact and mentor) before moving to the ORG.

To reiterate, there will no longer be a requirement for Sun Deck members to request access to the ORG. It will occur automatically after the minimum requirement of 45 days and 50 posts has been met. As such, ORG members will no longer vote on these applications. Additionally, there will not be demotions from the ORG to the Sun Deck as the Sun Deck will be, as stated earlier, an introductory forum for new members and no longer a standalone baseball forum. If a member does not abide by the site rules in the ORG, they will be given infractions, and, when warranted, removed from RedsZone altogether.

The moderator staff has been apprised to the framework of this change and is dedicated to helping keep the site run smoothly and successfully as we enter our 14th year as the best community of Reds fans online. We would also like to take this time to welcome back Tommyjohn25 as a site moderator, thank Johnny Footstool for his contributions as a moderator and thank the entire moderator staff for their hard work and commitment to the site.

We realize many long-time members have endured several significant changes to the site's structure over the years. We have always appreciated your patience and support during these times, and this one is no different. We also realize there was a large percentage of ORG members that did not want to see this change occur. We particularly ask those users to give these changes a chance; those joining the ORG will be subject to the same rules that ORG members are used to and not the relatively free reign many former Sun Deck members have enjoyed. We are especially open to your feedback now and as the change is implemented.

We tentatively plan on implementing these changes the weekend of 2/1 - 2/3 but this will definitely be done before Spring Training. We are excited to implement these new changes and are looking forward to a great new year and season.