Okay. You can tell it's the offseason. Things are slow.


Usually in April, there are so many off days, you don't even need but 4 starters anyway. So assume come May that Chapman gets added to the rotation. How do you mix them up? I mean, you have 1 left (Chapman) and then 3 hard throwers in Latos, Bailey, and Cueto. And then the slowball junkball guy in Arroyo. What's your order if Chapman gets mixed in come May?


Chapman (lefty) and Arroyo (junkball) are the different pieces of the puzzle. So they go 2nd and 4th. Make sense?

Or you could pitch Arroyo after Chapman, since Chapman is a hard thrower like the other 3.

What are the major differences between Cueto, Latos, Bailey? I think that makes a difference in deciding this. I know Bailey throws a splitter and Cueto/Latos don't.

What do you think?