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Stewart's itinerary is a punchline at this point, just like Doug's Cy Young proclamation.

Folks who doubt what Rolen meant to the Reds should keep in mind this quote from Votto, a guy who measures his words carefully: "He changed my path as a player. He was a shining example of the kind of player I want to be."
lollipop...you left out the rest of that Votto quote, though, and it is important for context.

Votto goes on:

"But, man, that being said, I rue everyday that it cost us Zach Stewart to get Rolen. Scottie's been great and all, such as it is, but with Stewart, it seems likely we are counting multiple World Series titles at this point. He was Sidd Finch in the flesh. Unfortunate, really, that it had to go down like this..."