For the most part, no one here poo poo'd getting Rolen, just argued the cost. I did come out against the trade because I thought Rolen's on field contribution would be minimal. And for the most part, I was right. He was healthy for most of one season as a Red, 2010. In just over three seasons as a Red he has 36 HR's or 5 fewer than EE had last year alone.

MAYBE his intagibles brought the team together. Or maybe Arroyo, Cueto, Leake, Bailey Wood and even Volquez had something to do with the turnaround. The pitching in 2010 was MUCH better than 2009. Now maybe Rolen's defense had something to do with that. Maybe. Or maybe they just pitched a lot better. But Orlando Cabrera was the SS in 2010, and that was a downgrade from Janish defensively, and marginally better offensively. So i don't think the defense change from 2009 to 2010 was all that significant. Yes Rolen is better than EE, but Janish > OCab. to me that makes it close to a wash.

Sorry, but the improved pitching in 2010, plus an MVP season from Votto were the reasons for the Reds being successful, far more than Scott Rolen.