So I recently needed some me time, so I decided to watch some movies that I have wanted to see. First I started off my weekend watching The Announcement on Netflix. I dare someone to watch that movie and not shed a tear by the end. What a GREAT ballplayer Magic was and wow what an inspirational and eye opening story. Imagine if he and Jordan would have had more years playing against eachother.

I then watched Eight Men Out. About the Blacksox Scandal. I learned a lot about this whole event at Ohio University while getting my Sports Administration Degree. Another great movie and man what a sad story for the players who werent involved. Didnt know Shoeless Joe couldnt read. He and Buck Weaver really got hosed on the whole deal.

Blue Chips...What a great movie that is. Ive seen it before, But man why did it take me so long to watch it again. Such a great movie. And just in time for basketball recruiting. To give Jermaine Lawrence a tractor and $30,000 cash or not? haha, but seriously another great movie.

I wanted to get some comedy in the mix so I went back in the time machine and watched Wet Hot American Summer. I had never seen that movie before but had heard great things. And boy were they right. Did you ever notice who all was in that cast? its loaded. I also noticed all of those characters were also in a TV series called Wainy Days and a Movie called The Baxter. I had never heard of these 2 before, but now im intrigued.

The last movie I watched this weekend was Django Unchained and WOW. I didnt know what to expect honestly. I knew it was 2 hours and 45 minutes long and I am not one who likes watching movies in the theaters all that much. But I must say, there was not a second during this movie that I thought a scene was dragging on too long. But then again its a Tarantino movie and I absolutely love his work. Probably the one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Also anyone seen Hell On wheels? What a great show. AMC sure knows what they are doing. They have the best shows on TV right now