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-It's a 30-year lease to be controlled by the Port Authority, not 50 years.
-As much as John Cranley and the Republicans wants you to believe it, the Fountain Square garage is not impacted. It's funny to see Republicans so against privatizing something.
-Most people who live downtown have parking as part of their apartment or condo community. It will only impact their guests who have parked on the street for free after 5pm. The demand for center city rentals is off the charts right now and I don't think this proposal will curb it.
-The MLK interchange will happen. Gov. Kasich has made it a priority. This money will jumpstart it and allow the project to start much quicker.
Thank you for that clarification. I guess the lease is for 30 yrs on the meters and 50 yrs on the garages. Which 4 garages are impacted by this?

In the end, this is a 30-50 yr tax increase on everyone who parks downdown just so the city can get a lump sum payment now. Not too bright of an idea.

I hope you're right on the MLK interchange but this is not the way to finance it. In fact there's plenty of money in the Streetcar debacle to find $20mill:


Cancel that money drain on the city and you've got something

Let's pose this question:

Let's say that I'm right and years from now city council decides that parking rates/hrs are hurting downtown businesses? What power do they have to reset the times and price of parking?