Welcome to RedsZone.com. If this is your first visit, itís important that you understand our mission and why the site was founded.

In 1999, a number of users participated in Reds discussion at Cincinnati.com. The site drew a large amount of traffic, particularly when it became evident that Ken Griffey Jr. would eventually become a Cincinnati Red, but the forum was essentially no-holds barred, anything goes. Personal attacks were the norm, and moderation was non-existent. Noticing that there was genuine interest to discuss the team, but not a place to do so that was free from this type of behavior, in April 2000, co-founders GIK and Boss-Hog created RedsZone.com.

RedsZone was built upon the idea that members would have an opportunity to discuss their team by making intelligent posts in an environment that was free from the type of nastiness that became commonplace at Cincinnati.com. Invitations were extended to a group of people who we thought could best carry out this mission. The site become an instant hit, as users migrated from the old forum to RedsZone, and word of mouth eventually reached other online Reds sites. Many of our initial members still post here to this day and are an especially valued group.

As RedsZone continued to gain popularity and grow, the site faced many challenges in maintaining the same level of quality discussion while allowing all fans of the team, and other teams, to participate. Eventually, it became necessary to create two separate baseball forums: one called The Old Red Guard (named after a very well respected former member of the board who has since passed) that was reserved for long-time members of the board and/or others who had proven themselves capable of making the type of quality posts that the site encouraged. The other forum, which was eventually renamed to Reds Live, was open for anyone to post in and generally consisted of the siteís newer members.

Additionally, those who were invited to post in the ORG were also given the ability to post in Reds Live and members could earn the ability to post in The Old Red Guard via a self-policing reputation system. This system, while an initial success, did not stand the test of time. Disrespect toward others became prevalent on both forums. In short, the site had become what it sought to get away from when it was founded.

In May 2007, after considerable debate, the decision was made to start a new Old Red Guard forum by selecting current members that best represented the RedsZone that we used to enjoy: one that was full of interesting posts, free from personal attacks, and a real sense of community. The remaining registered members of the site were given the ability to post in the renamed Sun Deck forum, with members earning the ability to post in the Old Red Guard via voting that replaced the existing reputation system.

In January 2013, co-founders GIK and Boss-Hog decided to allow all existing Sun Deck members who met some basic criteria (at least 50 posts and 45 days of registration time) to post in the ORG. The Sun Deck again has been reserved for newer members, and while ORG members can post there, they are restricted from starting new threads or from responding to the Sun Deck's Game Threads sub-forum. The purpose of this policy is to allow ORG members to mentor new members until they meet the criteria necessary to post in the ORG.

As a result, quality discussion and civility toward your fellow members are musts for posting here. We donít look favorably upon topics that state little more than you think a player sucks or the like. Itís encouraged that you have opinions, but you should be able to back them up before convincing others. By the same token, itís also very important to be respectful of others who may not follow or approach the game in the same manner that you do. Nastiness and condescending attitudes toward members will not be tolerated. Each user has a warning level below their user name that tracks any rule infractions that have occurred. This number is only viewable to you and should not be discussed with anyone other than the administrators or moderators. The siteís administrators and moderators reserve the right to suspend or permanently ban any member who has broken site rules or whom they otherwise deem unfit to post here. Please keep in mind that this is a privately owned message board, and it is not your personal right to post here.

If youíre looking for a place to blow off steam by declaring players or the team worthless when the Reds play poorly, this is not the place for you. If youíre looking for a place to engage in smack talk, this is also not for the place for you. We have members that are fans of other teams, and they are welcome here as long as they follow the same rules that apply to everyone. If youíre looking for a place to intelligently and passionately discuss the team in a respectful manner, this may be the place for you. If you agree to these rules, welcome to the board; please take some time out in the Introductions & Site Feedback forum to introduce yourself and say hello.

Welcome to the board.

GIK and Boss-Hog (co-founders, RedsZone.com)