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07-18-2003, 01:17 PM
I started a league. Hope to see you there!

League ID#: 39110
Password: redszone
Draft Type: live
Draft Time: Monday, July 21 at 3:05 pm EDT
Draft Status: Predraft
Start Scoring in Week: Week 1 (Sept 2-8)
Maximum Number of Teams: 12
Maximum Moves: No maximum
Maximum Trades: No maximum
Scoring Type: Head-to-Head League
Waiver Time: 2
Post Draft Players: Free Agents
Last Trade Date: No end date
Trade Reject Time: 2 days
Playoffs: Week 16 and 17 (4 teams)
Bye Points: Yes
Fractional Points: No
Negative Points: Yes
Starting Positions: QB, QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, K, D, D, D, D, D, Bench, Bench, Bench, Bench, Bench, Bench
Statistical Categories (Offense): Completions (1)
Passing Yards (50 yards per point)
Passing Touchdowns (6)
Interceptions (-2)
Rushing Yards (20 yards per point)
Rushing Touchdowns (6)
Receptions (1)
Reception Yards (20 yards per point)
Reception Touchdowns (6)
2 Point Conversions (2)
Fumbles Lost (-2)

Statistical Categories (Kickers): Field Goals 0-19 Yards (3)
Field Goals 20-29 Yards (3)
Field Goals 30-39 Yards (3)
Field Goals 40-49 Yards (4)
Field Goals 50+ Yards (5)
Point After Attempt Made (1)

Statistical Categories (Defense Players): Tackle Solo (0.5)
Tackle Assist (.5)
Sack (3)
Interception (2)
Fumble Force (2)
Fumble Recovery (2)
Touchdown (10)
Safety (2)
Pass Defended (1)
Block Kick (2)

PM or leave a message if you plan on joining

Draft Time: Monday, July 21 at 3:05 pm EDT

I know the draft time isnt great but it was the best i could do