View Full Version : A different perspective

07-14-2006, 05:25 PM
I don't understand everyones anger of losing Kearns and Lopez. Lopez can't play defense and his .268 avg is a sign the league has adjusted to him after a big season last year. Let's be honest without being able to hit for average or get on base more consistently, he is a liability for a team with poor pitching. Kearns is harder to swallow, but I think with Bruce and Syzmanski, Denorfia, Stubbs, and even Moran in our system we will be fine without him longterm. Offense even without Kearns and Lopez will still be strong, adding back Encarnacion to the middle of the lineup helps and even though Clayton lacks for power he still is hitting.269 with 22 doubles, and in our park you would think some of those doubles may turn into homeruns. Majeowski is a drastic improvement over anyone in our pen and at age 26 has yet to realize his full potential, and Bray automatically becomes our best lefthanded pitching prospect in the system. Let's be honest, this team is not going to win the world series, we will be lucky to make the playoffs, but if we stood pat we would have faced the same fate. I like the trade, Phillips will be our shortstop next year, and I think we will be seeing Jay Bruce very soon and everyone will forget about Kearns and Lopez.