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08-01-2006, 01:06 AM
Rheal Cormier
DOB: 4/23/67 (Age is 39)
Height: 5' 10", Weight: 185
Bats: Left
Throws: Left
Experience: 14 years
2006 Salary: $2,500,000
Reds signed Cormier to a one-year, $2.25 million extension through 2007 with an option for 2008.

2006 stats (w/ Phils):
Innings pitched: 34
Games: 43
Games started: 0
ERA: 1.59
Whip: 1.18
K’s: 13
Bbs: 13
Hrs: 2
Batting Avg. Against: .225
Batting Avg. Balls In Play: .238
vs. lefties 54 ABs, 14 hits, 2 Hrs, 4 BB, 6 Ks, BAA=.259
vs. righties 66 Abs, 13 hits, 0 Hrs, 9 BB, 7 Ks, BAA=.197

Ground ball % 2006 : 47.2%

2006 Baseball Prospectus
“After two surprisingly effective seasons as a lefty gunslinger who could retire all comers. Cormier’s Age 38 campaign was filled with a succession of minor injuries- shoulder, hip, back, foot- although none was serious enough to land him on the DL. However, the ailments badly bruised Cormier’s pride as well as his ERA muscle. He suceeded with his average stuff in 2003-04 because he hit his spots, threw strikes, and kept the ball down. That he can regain his fine command in 2006 and stay healthy at 39 is not a sound bet. ”

VORP: (Value over replacement player)
2003: 34.5
2004: 19.8
2005: -3.4
2006 (projected): 5.2
2006 (actual to date): 17.4

2006 Sporting News Baseball Register Scouting Reports “Throws: The aging Cormier’s fastball has dipped into the upper 80s. Throws his slider at 83 and a split finger fastball. Tendencies: Cormier has a good delivery and tailing action on a fastball that he runs away from right-handed hitters. Decline in velocity means he has trouble getting the ball inside to righties now. Slider no longer bites as sharply. Splitter has a big break yet still is quick. His 84 appearances in 2004 and advancing age have cut into his effectiveness. Outlook: No longer can be considered for a setup role; is better pitching in the seventh inning or against better left-handed hitters. Can no longer be stretched out or overexposed. Grade 6.9 out of 10.”

2006 Bill James Handbook pitcher projection:
IP: 38
HR: 4
ERA : 3.63

Final Notes:

Has had a much better year so far than predicted. It seems as though he came back and wanted to ‘prove’ he could have one more strong year.

One other interesting note. Citizen’s Bank ballpark in Philly is, like GABP, a HR friendly park, and has an even higher runs allowed rate than Cincinnati.

This deal actually worries me more than Lohse. I am afraid Philly ‘sold high’ on Cormier. They have a 39 year old pitcher who is having a great year and unloaded him at his peak, for a decent prospect. I would love to have him continue to be lights out the rest of the season!