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08-05-2009, 03:06 AM
Hey, I have 2 all you can eat seats from the rainout earlier this year that can be traded for any remaining home game. I was wondering if anyone on the board would be interested in using these tickets Saturday vs. the Nats, and sending me the 2 Phillips Bobbleheads? The truth is I live 2 hours away, and really just don't feel like driving that far to see this team play, but still would like the Phillips bobbleheads. If anyone is interested PM me, and I can send them the 2 rain delay tickets that they'll have to take to the ticket office, where they will switch them out for you for the Aug. 15th game next Saturday night.


08-05-2009, 03:07 AM
I don't really find seats that edible so no thanks. ;)

08-05-2009, 05:28 AM
You have a PM Mroby85!

08-05-2009, 05:45 AM
Sean CaseyRules is the winner, lol.