View Full Version : No need to bring anybody up! We have the players here:*Nix&Heisey*

08-04-2010, 03:59 PM
I keep seeing the bruce needs sent down this guy needs brought up or what nots.

We have the players dusty just isnt playing the right ones until today he came close.

The line-up should be

1.) BP
2.) Heisey CF
3.) Votto
4.) Rolen
5.) Gomes
6.) Nix RF
7.) Hanigan
8.) Janish

Work stubbs and and bruce back into the lineup every other game or so. If they continue to fall flat on their faces while the heisey and nix stay hot. Then keep them out and maybe send them down.

But the main thing ive seen here is a lot of HATE on Nix. i disagreed with it then and i think he's pretty much shown all of you haters that you were wrong. Given the playing time nix could be a real player. He deserves a legit shot.

And for crying out loud bruce. Everybody is knocking the cover off the ball today in the 7th inning. Bruce comes in to pinch hit and strikes out 3 pitches. That right there has to be the straw that broke the camels back. Nix needs playing time.

Nix is the answer.