Time to crank this league back into action for another fun season of fantasy baseball. We had a great year last year. Well, it was a great year for mbgrayson, who steamrolled the rest of us all summer long and pulled away for a 34 point margin of victory. Congrats mbgrayson! What an impressive butt-kicking that was last season.

The rest of us need to boost up our teams and make sure we give mbgrayson a stronger challenge this year. We can't let him win twice in a row can we?

Yahoo fantasy baseball is now open and each of you should have received an email from Yahoo asking you to register and claim your team, so be sure to check the email account you used to sign up last year.

Once everyone gets registered for the league I will be able to add all our players to our rosters. I will need to know which 30 players you want to keep. You most likely had more than 30 players at the end of the season if you had players on the Disabled List. So please send me a list of players you want to cut to get your roster down to 30 men. I will need your reply ASAP.

I am planning a series of posts in this thread to share a lot of cool information about the history of our league, so check back often and share your thoughts and observations. If we can get lots of discussion going in this thread throughout the season it will make the league even more fun.

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Good luck with your teams this year!