Hey guys. Welcome to another season of the Redszone Dynasty League. This will be our 7th year.

Congrats to Will M for winning the championship last season. He has done a great job of managing his team since taking over in 2013.

Here is the list of champions:

2014 Will M
2013 redsfandan
2012 redsfandan
2011 redsfandan
2010 Atomic Dumpling
2009 Atomic Dumpling

Let's break the trend of consecutive championships this year. Since we are playing in a dynastly league it makes sense that we have seen some true dynasty teams. If you can win multiple championships in a row I think that qualifies you as a dynasty.

Each of you should have received an email from Yahoo that contains an invitation to renew your team for the new season. Once you renew your team you can then check out your roster to decide which players you want to cut to get down to the roster limit of 30 major leaguers and 5 NA players. Please send me a note (or post it here) containing a list of the players you wish to cut. I will manually adjust the rosters as soon as I get a list from everyone. Please send me your list ASAP.

After I get the rosters entered we will be able to make trades and prepare for the draft.

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Good luck this year!