I've done nothing but unsparingly rip Walt for months now, so I figured I owed him this thread after checking out how Shin Soo Choo is doing in Texas this season. He's put up a line of .096/.254/.173 for a .427 OPS. Granted, it's only been 63 PA, but he's coming off a .242/.340/.374 season in 2014 in the first year of a contract that pays him big money through 2020. In fact, Choo made 14 million dollars per season in the first two years of this contract, the remaining years will be in excess of $20 million annually.

Walt flipped an asset in Gregorious that we had no long range plans for (who isn't exactly lighting the world on fire in New York), and spun that into a career year out of Choo, and then let Choo walk before he crashed back down to earth with a vengeance. 2013 didn't work out, but that deal in particular was a home run in nearly every way by Mr. Jocketty. Man the Rangers are going to feel the sting of that Choo deal for a while. Thank the lord that was one of the few long term contracts we stayed well away from, despite some segments of the fan base clamoring for a deal to be made.