"Second Chance Baseball" is a new sim league forming that will replay the history of baseball beginning with the 1910 season. GMs will draft from real-life 1910 rosters, then the season will be played out gradually on a centralized computer. After the World Series, each GM will pick 12 players to retain, and then there will be another draft of the remaining players plus 1911 rookies, and so on though the seasons. The Diamond Mind Baseball software will be used to sim the games, but you don't have to own the software to participate in the league.

I've been involved in a similar league for over a decade; we started in 1927 and we're getting ready to start 1964 right now. It's been a lot of fun and I've learned a lot of baseball history. I'm looking forward to this one as well; it seems very well thought out.

If you're interested, you can check out details on the league website at http://secondchancebaseball.royalweb...net/index.html. Ty Cobb and Walter Johnson are waiting for you!