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puca, the Head Coach is still going to establish the Attitude of the Club, along with the G.M., so it is important who they hire. What more evidence is needed than what we witnessed in Cleveland this season. That wasn't a dead-cat bounce. That was a change in Attitude throughout the organization. More proof is Marvin Lewis' 16 years in Cincinnati. A lot of people try to give credit to Marvin when he first got here, but it was Carson Palmer, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Rudi Johnson, our Offensive Line and Chad Johnson. Marvin was just along for the ride. Then the addition of Mike Zimmer gave this club a work ethic on Defense that didn't exist with Lewis, though Zimmer had to deal with Marvin's crap like Maualuga, Peko and Michael Johnson, while watching all the 1st Round picks go to the Offense leaving him to make gold out of iron-ore. Zimmer left and everything became all Marvin as far as Attitude and we're left where we are at.

Just having Marvin gone will breath life into this franchise. But, a quality Head Coach is still needed for the Bengals to turn that breath of Life into a Positive atmosphere. I am hoping Mike Brown really listens to Duke more than anyone else while Hue Jackson and his toxic ways get far away from the organization.
I bet most would disagree with you about that.