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Thread: Redszone Dynasty League 2019 -- Season 11

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    Redszone Dynasty League 2019 -- Season 11

    Hey guys. Welcome to another season of the Redszone Dynasty League. This will be our 11th year!

    Congrats to kaldaniels for winning the championship last season. It was his first championship and it was very well-deserved. The title wasn't decided until the last few minutes of the baseball season when he eked out a slim margin of victory over Will M.

    Here is the list of champions:

    2018 kaldaniels
    2017 Will M
    2016 Will M
    2015 camisadelgolf
    2014 Will M
    2013 redsfandan
    2012 redsfandan
    2011 redsfandan
    2010 Atomic Dumpling
    2009 Atomic Dumpling

    Who will win this year?

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    Re: Redszone Dynasty League 2019 -- Season 11

    The baseball seasons starts early this year so we are going to ramp things up a bit early in our league as well. There is a two-game series between the Mariners and Athletics in Tokyo, Japan on March 20-21. The regular season will then resume in earnest on March 28th.

    • The keeper deadline will be February 20th. All team owners need to go to their Yahoo team page to select their keepers by that date. If you don't set your keepers by the deadline I will select them for you using my best judgement and give you a couple days to appeal my decisions. You have to get your roster down to 30 major leaguers plus 5 NA players. You can select only 30 keepers using the checkmarks on the keeper page. Do not select your NA players because I will add your NA players back to your roster after the deadline.
    • We will start the slow draft on March 9th. I will post the draft rules below.
    • The draft order has been determined. It already accounts for all traded picks. If anybody wants to double-check my work on the draft order that would be awesome.
    • All teams are free to make trades now but any trades made before the keeper deadline will have to be negotiated via email and then both sides must notify me of the trade to make it official. After the keeper deadline we can use the Yahoo system to make trades.

    Keeper Deadline: Wednesday, February 20th at 11:59pm eastern time.
    Slow Draft Begins: Saturday, March 9th at 9:00am eastern time.

    Draft order:
    1.1 Atomic Dumpling
    1.2 Gilpdawg
    1.3 CRF2000
    1.4 mbgrayson
    1.5 TRF's Debacle
    1.6 WildcatFan
    1.7 Basecloggers
    1.8 Strikes Out Looking
    1.9 redsfandan
    1.10 Atomic Dumpling
    1.11 mbgrayson
    1.12 kaldaniels

    2.1 redsfandan
    2.2 Gilpdawg
    2.3 CRF2000
    2.4 mbgrayson
    2.5 TRF's Debacle
    2.6 WildcatFan
    2.7 Basecloggers
    2.8 Strikes Out Looking
    2.9 redsfandan
    2.10 Atomic Dumpling
    2.11 CRF2000
    2.12 kaldaniels

    3.1 redsfandan
    3.2 Gilpdawg
    3.3 CRF2000
    3.4 mbgrayson
    3.5 TRF's Debacle
    3.6 WildcatFan
    3.7 Basecloggers
    3.8 Strikes Out Looking
    3.9 redsfandan
    3.10 GAllen5862
    3.11 Will M
    3.12 kaldaniels

    4.1 GAllen5862
    4.2 Gilpdawg
    4.3 CRF2000
    4.4 mbgrayson
    4.5 TRF's Debacle
    4.6 WildcatFan
    4.7 Basecloggers
    4.8 Strikes Out Looking
    4.9 GAllen5862
    4.10 Atomic Dumpling
    4.11 Will M
    4.12 kaldaniels

    5.1 GAllen5862
    5.2 Gilpdawg
    5.3 CRF2000
    5.4 Will M
    5.5 TRF's Debacle
    5.6 WildcatFan
    5.7 Basecloggers
    5.8 Strikes Out Looking
    5.9 GAllen5862
    5.10 Atomic Dumpling
    5.11 Will M
    5.12 kaldaniels

    6.1 GAllen5862
    6.2 Gilpdawg
    6.3 CRF2000
    6.4 mbgrayson
    6.5 TRF's Debacle
    6.6 WildcatFan
    6.7 Basecloggers
    6.8 Strikes Out Looking
    6.9 redsfandan
    6.10 Atomic Dumpling
    6.11 Will M
    6.12 kaldaniels

    7.1 GAllen5862
    7.2 Gilpdawg
    7.3 CRF2000
    7.4 mbgrayson
    7.5 TRF's Debacle
    7.6 WildcatFan
    7.7 Basecloggers
    7.8 Strikes Out Looking
    7.9 redsfandan
    7.10 Atomic Dumpling
    7.11 Will M
    7.12 kaldaniels

    8.1 GAllen5862
    8.2 Gilpdawg
    8.3 CRF2000
    8.4 mbgrayson
    8.5 TRF's Debacle
    8.6 WildcatFan
    8.7 Basecloggers
    8.8 Strikes Out Looking
    8.9 redsfandan
    8.10 Atomic Dumpling
    8.11 Will M
    8.12 kaldaniels

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    Re: Redszone Dynasty League 2019 -- Season 11


    1. The draft will be a straight draft consisting of 8 rounds. All rounds have the same draft order.

    2. The draft order will be the reverse of the prior year's standings, adjusted for any traded picks. Draft order is posted in the Commish Notes section of the Yahoo league homepage and in our Redszone thread.

    3. To make your pick just post your draftee's name on the league message board like this: "Round.pick Player Name" (1.1 Johan Santana or 5.12 Jay Bruce). Then you can add the player to your team by selecting him from the Free Agent list.

    4. You may not exceed the roster size limit. If you are at the limit when it is your turn to draft you must drop a player before you can draft a player. The dropped player will become draftable immediately -- the next team owner in the draft may select the dropped player without waiting for him to clear waivers.

    5. You have 8 hours to make your pick. If you have not placed your pick within 8 hours, the next player can go ahead and post his pick. You do not lose your skipped pick. You can still make your pick as soon as you return to the website.

    6. Multiple picks can be skipped. For example, 8 hours have elapsed since pick 4.3 was posted so pick 4.4 is skipped and pick 4.5 is on the clock. If 8 hours later pick 4.5 has not been posted then he is skipped and pick 4.6 is on the clock.

    7. If an owner has consecutive draft picks he only gets one 8-hour timer before both of his picks can be skipped.

    8. After you make your pick send an email to the next team owner to let him know it is his turn. This will speed up the draft. To send the email click on "Email League" at the top of any league page. Then click on the next owner and send him a message.

    9. If you ask someone else to post your pick or your draftee is on waivers the commissioner will add your player to your team page as soon as possible. Before you pick, make sure the player has not already been drafted.

    10. Players who are drafted in the MLB June amateur draft are not eligible to be picked up in the Redszone Dynasty League during the season and will be available in the next year's RDL draft. The same goes for international free agents who sign with a major league team after our draft starts. This is true even if the player gets promoted to the major leagues that season.

    11. If you post your pick as a "Pass" you do not lose the pick. You may use that pick later at any time.

    12. If your draft turn arises when you already have an unused Skipped or Passed pick from a previous round your turn will automatically be Passed to keep the draft moving. Any Skipped or Passed picks can be used at any time.

    13. You can trade draft picks. The only pick you can't trade is the one that is "on the clock". We learned from experience that can cause long delays with owners dragging their feet on their pick in the hope of receiving a trade offer.

    14. Players added to the Yahoo player pool after the draft begins are not eligible to be drafted and will be placed on waivers after the draft is over.

    15. When all draft rounds are completed, the commissioner will set a date and time when all undrafted players will be eligible to be added on a first come, first served basis -- it is not a free-for-all as soon as the last draft pick is made.

    If you would like to receive a text message when it is your turn to draft, send me a PM with your cell phone number.

    We can trade draft picks for the upcoming 2019 draft, but we can't use the Yahoo trading system for doing so*. If you would like to include an exchange of 2019 draft picks in a trade please do so using the Comments area of the trade proposal and notify me when the trade is complete so I can change the 2019 draft order. Any traded draft pick using the checkmark system in the trade proposal application will be considered a trade of 2020 draft picks. The checkmark system in the trade application shows that every team has a pick in every round, but due to traded picks that is certainly not the case for the 2019 draft. So if you forget and include 2019 draft picks in your trade proposals you are likely to end up trading picks that don't exist. Please consult the official 2019 draft order posted here and in the Commissioner's Note for use in all trades.

    * The reason for this is because I had to tell our Yahoo league website that we already had our draft. If I didn't set it up this way we would not be able to see our rosters, make trades, or see the draftable players in the Free Agent list until after the draft is over in late March. Since we have a dynasty league it just works better this way. The website is set up to work primarily for standard re-draft leagues with live drafts. It takes some gerrymandering of the Commissioner Tools to make it work properly for a dynasty league.

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    Re: Redszone Dynasty League 2019 -- Season 11

    Placed here for posterity.

    Congrats Brett - job well done! I thought you had it Nick until just a few weeks ago and Brett closed the gap.

    I guess I will pat myself on the back here - look guys, if it wasn't for my miracle 2018 season Brett would be a 4-peater! You're all welcome.

    I thought I'd break the season down another way. Lets look at how many 2019 top 25 and top 100 players each team finished with...(again FINISHED with...and I'm using the mobile app's season rank). Sorry if I miscounted anyone.

    Brett 5/15
    AD 9/12
    Basecloggers 1/6
    WCFan 1/11
    KD 1/9
    Dan 0/7
    SOL 2/10
    CRF 1/7
    MBGrayson 5/7
    TRF 0/5
    Glip 0/4
    GAllen 0/3

    Just another way of looking at the season and it's apparent the league is pretty top-heavy in terms of the elite guys. Let's fix that fellow league-mates with 0 or 1 Top 25 guy!

    All in all I don't have any big regrets in how my season played out. I was hit with the injury bug bigtime. I knew in late 2018 I was going to lose Ohtani/McCullers/Kopech in 2019 to TJ. But then I was hit with season ending injuries to Gallo/Haniger/Glasnow (yeah he came back in Sept)/Tallion. Losing those 7 guys was just going to be too much to overcome. Even if they were healthy I don't think I could have gone toe-to-toe with the 2 juggernaut teams short of a big trade in my favor.

    Pitching was my downfall and seems to be quite the challenge. AD lead the league in K's with his pitchers AVERAGING over 11K/9. What a high bar! Brett broke the league record for wins! How? I tip my hat to you both.

    Great season and thanks to all teams!

    Here's to next year - 2020 - aka the "Anyone but Brett" season!

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    Re: Redszone Dynasty League 2019 -- Season 11

    Thanks for providing that analysis, Kal. My takeaway is I must do a decent job managing the bottom end of my roster to finish third with so few impact players. And mbgrayson is wasting all that top-end talent!

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    Re: Redszone Dynasty League 2019 -- Season 11

    We have a team available in this league for the upcoming 2021 season. Who is interested? PM me to apply.

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    Re: Redszone Dynasty League 2019 -- Season 11

    It’s a fun and cordial league for anyone interested.

    The inherited team includes Devers, Bieber, Judge and Springer, all valuable dynasty pieces.

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    Re: Redszone Dynasty League 2019 -- Season 11

    Well, I can't believe how things turned out but I will proudly yet humbly claim the 2021 championship.

    I wish I could explain some secret sauce as to how I did it but for the first 90 percent of the season I just ran my best team out there every day and then down the home stretch I started pulling different levers (which is fun) trying to maximize points. Trying to get stolen bases on demand is really hard!

    One thing that I did do that I wasn't sure would turn out was the Betts for Devers trade. Pretty much anywhere I look and still look Betts is valued a good bit more over Devers - but I had a lot of OF and 3B was lacking - so sometimes you have to "lose" a trade to improve your roster overall. It worked out for me this season - Devers' 2 home runs yesterday really locked up my victory.

    AD - You have a beast of a roster and I was going to be disappointed if I didn't dethrone you this year where I legit had a chance to do so in the final weeks...I can't say I'll be in that position every year. You're the odds on favorite for 2022.

    Dan - Best wishes and thanks for being a great player. Your trade offers never matched up with what I'd like in return so I hope that wasn't too discouraging but I can obviously see you are a tough opponent. Had you snatched the crown on the last day I wasn't even going to be upset - I would be impressed! You leave a great team behind.

    Everyone else - I only singled AD and Dan out as they were the contenders on the final day. You are all worthy opponents and play great. Keep churning those rosters and make your teams the best they can be. Gamble and Herb - you guys are welcome recent additions to the league!

    That said - It was a great season and I already look forward to 2022, both Reds and Fantasy seasons. Enjoy the MLB playoffs!

    kaldaniels - 2 Time Redszone Dynasty League Champion


    AtomicDumpling (03-21-2023)

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