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I assume most every hospital accepts Medi-Cal? If this hospital did then I don't see the problem. I also don't see why the doctor is getting involved with finances. Leave that up to someone else. If he works for a hospital that takes Medi-Cal then he'll have to live with what it pays. Very inappropriate. Sorry you had to experience that
They did accept Medi-cal. Someone in the hospital even gave her a brochure and outlined everything that it would cover up to a certain date, etc. It sounds like the doctor was doing some combination of venting their frustration and intimidating a patient into accepting whatever minimum care the doctor planned to give them in exchange for their non-lucrative compensation. I appreciate the insight and thought, SR.

I talked to my mom yesterday and it sounds like she's filing a complaint. I don't really know what that means per se, as I'm unfamiliar with whatever system the hospital uses but I didn't feel like grilling her for details. She seemed on top of it. If anything interesting or helpful comes out of it, I'll slide back here and update. Thanks to all who chimed in!