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Months an arbitrary grouping. And just as they have "consistently" been sub .500 they have "consistently" scored as many runs as they've allowed. That doesn't change the fact that past run production and prevention is a better predictor of future performance than past W-L record. That this seems to offend your instincts based on its distribution doesn't make it less true.

In any event, the conclusion about no player being untouchable and shopping around should be the case whether you're a 60 win team, a 100 win team, or anywhere in between.
Everything's an arbitrary grouping. If you have issues with it, fine. State why and suggest another. The Reds have had a positive run differential pretty much the whole yr and it has NOT proven to be predictive of their future record. They've stayed sub .500.

That positive run differential may make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside but it does not move the needle for me