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Kuhnel can hit 100 and has a chance to be a major player in the Reds pen this year.

I don't of think relievers as failed starters. If they weren't any good they would suck in the bullpen too. What most relievers are is limited - control issues or limited repertoire but good relievers have very good pitches but not the 3 or4 needed to start and make it through a lineup multiple times. Relievers are also valuable as heck - in today's game a good argument could be made that they are as important as starters. Kuhnel (and Hendrix) both have a good chance of being valuable additions. Probably a much better chance than Callihan or Hinds have of being everyday payers in the majors. I understand the "ceiling" vote and agree wit hit, I just think Kuhnel has a pretty good ceiling, too, as a lockdown closer (I'm not saying he'll be one but the ceiling is there with him). I'll be on Callihan and Hinds really soon but I went with the despised reliever prospect here.
I just don't see it. I don't think he's got a closer ceiling and I think he's far more likely to be an up and down arm this season who is outrighted off the roster after 2020 than a bullpen cog for this season, let alone multiple seasons.