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From the link..

Academic calendar: The 2020-21 academic year will run from Aug. 24 to May 9 as originally planned but will now be in three parts:

The Fall Semester, which will run from Aug. 24 through Dec. 20. Classes may be in-person or online until Thanksgiving week (Nov. 20), when all in-person instruction will end. The rest of the semester will be online only. There will be no Fall break.

Campuses will have the flexibility to use the online-only period (Nov. 30 to Feb. 8 – a new Winter Session) in various ways: to finish fall semester courses, to begin spring semester courses, or to create new intensive courses that use either or both the December and January online periods.

The Spring Semester will begin with online only instruction on Jan. 19 and then resume in-person instruction on Feb. 8. The semester will run to May 9 without a Spring break.

Undergraduate students who take advantage of IU’s banded tuition rates can include courses from the Fall Semester, Winter Session or Spring Semester as part of the new calendar without any additional cost.

So it seems the campus will be more or less closed Nov 20 to Feb 8. No? Yes? I wonder what will that mean to IU sports.