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I assume that the results of these 8 games are going to be added to the games played already. How is that equitable, since the teams will not have played the same number of games? I think it is likely that one or more teams might be getting messed over because of this. The league should schedule the needed amount of additional games for each team, so that they all end up with the same number of games played in the end. If that issue has already been addressed, just ignore my sometimes-incoherent ramblings.
The only reason there are more games, per reports, is that so many of the franchises can reach the 70 game number that their local television contracts call for.

As far as what's equitable? The only way to be equitable is to have the entire rest of the season play out because of the unbalanced strength of schedule already played. So, they are left with either not playing any more games or keeping teams to the same number of games left to meet television contracts. There's nothing equitable about it at this point, but they can't have one team play seven games and another play 10. There's no home-court advantage for teams that earned it. They spoke about a home-team getting extra fouls. So, Zion can commit 35 fouls in that scenario before he fouls out instead of 29.