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>% who know someone with Covid symptoms
>% wearing masks in public most or all the time

I'm not doubting your sourcing, I'd just add that this is a stupid chart and shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone.

Covid is serious on both ends. People are dying and people are losing their livelihoods. Charts about who knows someone who might have covid symptoms is bad info that just shouldn't be shared. It serves no purpose other than to push a narrative.
The source is Delphi COVIDCast, Carnegie Melon University, which has been providing valuable and useful data and information since the pandemic started, that nearly every media site has been using as a primary source on this pandemic. This particular chart was printed by the Washington Post.

Here is there website: https://covidcast.cmu.edu/?sensor=do...w&region=42003

It’s a serious chart and should be taken seriously.