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Thread: COVID-19, Part VIII - heading into flu season

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    Re: COVID-19, Part VIII - heading into flu season

    Looks like Boston PS system is moving to all remote learning. Send the kids to Exeter, Andover, Groton or St. Paulís quick, if you can swing it.

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    Re: COVID-19, Part VIII - heading into flu season

    Quote Originally Posted by Boston Red View Post
    Not sure, but perhaps some temporary walls. My wife's school in Rhode Island was complete trash (hit an 800 foot HR to CF at the Paw Sox Stadium and you'd hit it), and that's basically what you had separating "classrooms". Terrible solution, but it "works". I'm sure that's not a real solution, but there's got to be some unused open spaces in Louisville that schools could use to spread out. Did they ever tear down the Showcase Cinemas on Bardstown Road? (My precious childhood memories, lost ).
    They did tear down Showcase Cinemas and replaced it with a shopping mall, IIRC, that houses a Costco, gas station, Chik-Fil-A, and other stuff.

    As to your solution, I'm unsure why we'd want to create an admittedly "terrible situation" to replace an admittedly "terrible situation."

    Virtual schooling sucks. For everyone. But it's safe too. We don't have to worry about bussing or food or kids making out or any of those logistics if kids are on computers. As a result, the bus drivers, teachers, and school personnel who would be endangered by a return to a building (any building) won't be endangered. And grandparents won't either. (Lots of kids live with their grandparents, apparently.)

    My thought was to find area churches to take on some of the heavy load. (Area freshmen meet at First Unitarian, for example, while area sophomores meet at Holy Cross, etc.) Unfortunately, as you well now, Louisville's school choice system means kids come from all over the city to different schools and not those nearest them. That makes finding a solution even more difficult.

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    Re: COVID-19, Part VIII - heading into flu season

    Quote Originally Posted by Bourgeois Zee View Post
    We don't have to worry about bussing or food or kids making out or any of those logistics if kids are on computers.
    Unfortunately school is actually a place where far too many kids do indeed get food. I know what you're trying to say with your post, but it's just an unfortunate reality that remote learning is probably leading to hunger problems/issues for far more kids than most of us realize.


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    Re: COVID-19, Part VIII - heading into flu season

    Quote Originally Posted by kaldaniels View Post
    Wisconsin has been in the news as they are getting hammered right now. But they are currently ranked 42nd in deaths per capita. (And frankly surrounded (on that list) by sparsely populated open sky states)

    To me it seems the recent increase isnít ďthe faultĒ of Wisconsin but yet another case of the virus hitting a spot where it really hadnít got to yet.

    I wish Kingspoint the best out in Oregon but thatís another state that worries me that the worst is yet to come, as the deaths per capita doesnít match the population density. (Oregon is no New York but itís not Montana either) They have dodged the bullet so far, relatively speaking of course.
    The bulk of the population lives in Portland and we are still not fully opened, plus it's bluer here and that means more people doing their part, less screamers. Both those things help the numbers, take away Portland's population and Oregon is almost like Montana (1.6 million vs 1 million)

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    Re: COVID-19, Part VIII - heading into flu season

    I'm a high school administrator in a building with 1800 kids. Some background info - we had around 400 or so opt to do virtual this year and we have a good number who do CCP (post-secondary) or leave early through our half-day work program. So we have 1100-1300 in the building at any given time. It's an old building. Even with the reduced number, students are sitting less than six feet apart. And demographically, Trump won our county by about 25 points in 2016.

    We've had a total of seven students and two staff members who have tested positive. We've had somewhere around 150-200 kids who have had to quarantine due to close contact (all from other students - neither staff member as "knocked out" anyone). Only two of the seven student cases could be traced back to the school. One was a case of two friends (which could have happened outside of school) and the other was from a teammate. The other five got it from outside of school (older siblings coming home on the weekend from college was the #1 culprit). Neither staff member's case was traced back to the classroom.

    We require masks unless there is a medical exception. Our special needs kids are basically the only ones not wearing them. Students have been fantastic about wearing masks. I was anticipating a lot of time being spent dealing with masks, especially knowing a lot of our parents' views on them, but we've only had one kid receive a consequence for not wearing his (and that was more about the repeated non-compliance than not wearing the mask). The biggest mask issue is having to remind students to keep them over their noses. But overall, we could not have asked for our kids to do better with them. Staff members wear masks unless they are giving instruction AND are more than six feet away from any student. So while I'm not 100% dogmatic about masks, my own experience is that they are working.

    Our elementary and middle schools have had a combined four reported cases. They also have about 20-25% of their students choosing virtual this year, but collectively we have more than 5000 kids and 600 staff members showing up to school each day and we've had 13 total cases. In the heart of Trump country.

    As I stated in an earlier post, I think it is clear that community cases drive school cases, not the other way around. Of our nine total cases, five were in the last two weeks, which coincides with the county's rise in cases/testing.

    My other observations in regards to posts I've seen on here - our kids wear masks in the hallways and we keep them moving (no lockers unless special circumstances), but there's still not a ton of room. I don't see hallways as a big factor in the spread. Our guidelines for contact tracing is less than six feet for 15 or more minutes. That isn't going to happen during class changes. We are following the county health department's guidelines by having teachers spray their desks after each class. I'm honestly more worried about the long term effects of teachers having to spray such powerful chemicals each day than I am anyone getting COVID-19 from sitting a desk where a positive kid sat the period before. There just isn't any evidence that it is being spread in that manner. So I think the spraying is overkill.

    Overall, I think kids need to be at school. If you believe in masks, then you have to believe that having kids being at school with masks for seven hours is safer for them than virtual where they are going to go hang out with each other after their Meets/Zooms are over (if they show up at their Meets/Zooms at all). If you are in an area with high community spread, then having your secondary kids go hybrid makes some sense, but elementary kids can still be at school each day.


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